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Agile product development: benefits and challenges of scrum

Good management should include flexibility, proactivity, anticipatory action and adaptability. Agile product development comprises all of these characteristics. One way to improve agility in a company is to implement scrum. Manager worldwide have recognized the benefits that come along with this method and have put it into effect in their businesses. This article is going to point out the advantages of scrum and show you how to apply it in your company.

Push- and pull marketing – digital

The goal of every company should be to sell products or services to their customers. Finding the right sales strategy to reach this goal might be difficult for some companies. In general, there are two marketing approaches that can be used: the pull method and the push method. This article is going to explain the difference between them and point out which one is suited best for your company.

The use of cryptocurrency technology in business

Instead of investing directly in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, many companies are trying to invest in the technology that lies underneath. Blockchain, smart contracts and tangle are just a few innovations that come along with cryptocurrencies and can tremendously change our workplace.

Account strategy in social media

Many companies have already recognized the benefits and the necessity of a social media strategy. Regardless of whether you operate in the B2B or B2C segment – contacting potential customers through social media platforms is very easy and fast. Before getting started on Facebook and its rivals, it is important to pose certain questions. How am I going to name my accounts? Do I want to have a separate account for each country and each product? Which language should I use? These and other questions are answered in the following article.

The use of cryptocurrencies in business as means of payment

Cryptocurrencies are not only limited to private investors – an increasing number of companies are taking advantage of the benefits that come along with more than 1500 digital currencies and their technologies. There are numerous applications of this new form of payment. The following article outlines different methods of implementation and explains why companies can profit from investing is this innovation.

Rise of the cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity every day, especially since prices increased rapidly at the end of 2017. The following article is listing the benefits of cryptocurrencies and explaining the technology that is making them a success.

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